With the Content Calender 2019 you plan your blogs, articles, e-books and other content in an Excel format. You get structure and overview, how convenient! The result is a colourful calender which is helpful 365 days. At the bottom of this blog page you download the calendar. 

The Content Calendar 2019 has a column for each day of the week. Examples are already mentioned in the diagram: press release, blog, e-mailing, webinar, video, e-book. You can adjust them if you want to schedule other items, you can also expand the list. Put the content on one line in the diagram and give it the matching color, you will get a colorful overview! The format is set on A4 size, a printed version fits exactly.

Create your own Content Calender 2019

How do you familiarize yourself with the calendar template?

  • Save the file on your computer that makes sense to you
  • Fill in the dates when you and your colleagues are on vacation
  • Fill in the dates when your company or organization is closed
  • Fill in the public holidays if that would be useful for your messages and e-mailings
  • Fill in special dates you want to respond to, e.g. fairs and events you participate in. If you don’t participate, but still find them relevant for your market or organization, it can also be useful to fill them in.
  • Determine which (social) events or issues in 2019 are fun, interesting or even necessary to join. Put them on your calendar.

content calender 2019

Why the Content Calender 2019 is convenient

  • It helps you to set goals
  • It inspires you to publish your content in different ways
  • Because of the clear overview of weeks and months, the calendar inspires you to use your content to the maximum
  • The shape of the calendar makes it easy to plan and adjust these plans
  • It helps you to schedule content marketing within your organization
  • It helps you to create internal involvement
  • If you plan your content marketing ahead, you increase your visibility and reach
  • It will inspire you to use content as much as possible for 12 months

Website Globaldimension gives lots of ideas for topics

A site where you can find an overview of all social contributors is https://globaldimension.org.uk/calendar/. All upcoming events and important days are listed in chronical order and a description of the event is described. There is also a possibility to search for upcoming events relating to e.g. a specific theme, just fill in a keyword related to the theme! Another convenient tool of the site is that you can change the view. Events can be viewed in a list but also in a calendar lay-out, which gives a clearer overview.

This is not the only website that provides these overviews. If you want more ideas, just google on words like ‘national day calendar’ and multiple sites will pop up.

Website Dutch Issuekalender

Dutch Issuekalender is a fine example of a website which gives you an overview of social events, In Holland as well as international. https://www.issuekalender.nl/ presents you the calender with 12 months. I’m convinced this will be of inspiration to you.

The Dutch version of this Content Calender you find here.

Did you get excited to structure your content marketing (even better) in 2019? The Content Calendar 2019 will certainly help you. You can download it here. Good luck!

Saskia de Jong